Artwork by dszn | digitally sculpted by hand | no ai tool used


I'm glad you are here, there is a lot to discover about međź‘‹ Bluebird / DSZN

I talk about #emerging tech #circularity #designing immersive experiences #crypto art #curating exhibitions #Augmented Reality art exhibits #metaverse, combining strategic design thinking with decade long luxury market experience and contemporary fine art background. Feel free to reach out for projects & collabs.

Speaker @ #NFTNYC2024 April 3-5






Bluebird aka Dilek Sezen's several digital artworks in web3

I really liked Altspace. I still do.. Altspace always put a smile on my face when I thought about the time we've spend there. I could never thought that sharing tech-depression with friends will be a real life experience💜✨

I have several properties in Infiniverse. My showroom has few galleries to display different parts of my artistic career and a meeting room, all connects to a central arcade and a rooftop terrace to host private gatherings in metaverse.

This micro galaxy flower is one of my early work with Midjourney AI. It was a discovery session to explore this ai tool. I am experimenting with them as they become available and advance, I am very curious about AI tools and to discover how I can use them for my creations.

This gallery has designed for my long time friend and a well known contemporary painter Yigit Yazici. Exhibited photographs shows behind the scene moments from several studios he had through his career.

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DEZEN is the phygital & circular brand I founded. This experience designed as a space to showcase share, educate about phygital brand and sustainability in web3.

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Gallery 8 is a large event space and art gallery complex with two stage, two bars, jacuzzis, and wild animals.

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In progress

In progress

Voxel is a great place to find web3 communities of all colors and disciplines. I have a parcel in Voxels Chronos Island - Sunscreen Str. and looking forward to build. Here's me walking around my lot and visiting neighbors.

This is one of the digital fashion pieces I've co-designed at Fabrikant Season 1 and minted as a NFT wearable

Bluebird aka Dilek Sezen's several digital artworks in web3